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Hi, I am a full-service designer based in Italy.


Alberto Ratti

full service

Over the course of several years, I have specialized in converting from homes to charming structures. I am a real estate broker for finding houses on commission for the foreign market.

Interior Designer & Project Manager.

I’m Italian, with english descent, class of 1972.
#InteriorDesigner with over 30 years of experience in designing rooms and coordinating house renovations and custom furniture.


Soft Skills

  • Empathy, Creative hearing, Vision, Problem Solving
  • Design intuition
  • Fully customizable freehand drawing capabilities
  • Networking skills


Commission research broker

I am in charge of evaluating the market value of your property, promoting it through my advertising channels, and managing all negotiations in a smooth and professional manner.

Interpretation of requests

Only after making a careful interpretation, I identify the real estate solutions that best meet your personal housing needs.


Hunting charming houses

Are you looking for a unique and unconventional real estate solution, with style and personality? I am the person who can sense and uncover your charming home.

Freehand design sketches

Add value to your property thanks to my representations in the form of drawings and sketches that will help you imagine space and detail.

Photo, video & docs

We can offer you a photo-video service with documentation to convey not only the property but also a vision of the lifestyle, context, and mood.


We can organize online meetings providing you with “immersive” pre-sales information, video streaming, and AI-guided tours.

Legal Problem Solving

Joint venture with a real estate agency in La Spezia, administrative assistance in buying and selling properties in Italy for foreigners with a translator present at every appointment.

Visit services

We provide consultancy and assistance for travel planning with welcoming and accommodation options at affiliated B&Bs.

Post-sale services

We provide assistance and management for vacation rentals in addition to all possible technical and logistical support for your home.