Wandering through the streets and alleys of Trebiano, discovering the slices of panorama that open up at every corner, caressed by the gentle breeze of the Mar Ligure – which blows softly during the quiet Summer days to cool the heat of the days – who knows how many moments of unspoken poetry did Simone and Jean Paul share while united by their lifelong bond which brought them together – a bond he described as a “necessary love.”

Simone De Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre met as children and never left each other’s side, and it was their unstoppable bond that indelibly shaped their lives. Two exceptional lives lived outside of the boundaries of society, united by a profound love that was born not to bridle their fiery natures but to light them up and exalt them.

It was in fact Trebiano, a little village at the feet of a medieval fortress overlooking the sweeping panorama, was chosen by the couple as their home in Italy and as container for their unbound passion.

Their choice cannot surprise anyone who knows Trebiano; anyone who has had the pleasure of walking through those same streets and enjoyed those same vistas and experienced those same emotions – and it certainly it has not surprised Alberto – the studio principal – who, after having seen it, decided to leave Milan and move there with his family.


Studio Ar - studio d'interni, restauro conservativo, seconde case di charme

Ten minutes from the villages of Lerici and Tellaro and close to the marvelous Ligurian bays that dot the “Gulf of Poets” road which goes from Montemarcello to La Spezia with breathtaking views and crystalline waters, Trebiano dominates from above the surrounding valley, with a panorama that spans from the Ligurian Sea to the Apuan Alps, from the Versilia to Sarzana following the course of the river Magra in its final stretch to the delta.

It is this incredible 360-degree panorama that makes Trebiano unique – and rich in vacation homes from whose windows one can enjoy stunning views.

Many of these homes are on the market at the moment and we’ve created a personalized tour to show them to you. It’s a free-guided tour of the village and its various real-estate opportunities – one can book the tour by telephone or by contacting us online.

We’ll also have the chance to show you examples of projects already undertaken in the village by the Studio Ar – each knowingly and scrupulously carried out with an eye for “conservative” restoration, so as to avoid uprooting the soul and flavor of these ancient structures, which we believe need to be protected and preserved.