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About This Project


The Lunigiana: nestled at the border between Liguria and Tuscany lies this charmed land, as yet largely undiscovered by tourism. It is a landscape of green rolling hills, medieval castles that dominate from the hilltops and tiny lost villages.

Travelling along the main roads of this vast landscape one cannot but wonder where all the tiny streets that cross them and wander through the nearby forested hills lead to. Little roads, apparently unimportant roads, often poorly marked, and seemingly hidden among the luxuriant fronds from the eyes of passers-by. Many of these little roads are the entrances to places where time has stopped.

Little villages await the traveller at the end of these roads – villages where everyone knows each other, where the old families are often joined by new families of foreigners, who have brought new life to long-abandoned houses – houses rediscovered by those that have been able to appreciate the poetry of these corners of Paradise.

Terrugiana is one such place, suspended between the green of the hills and the blue sky. A hidden hideaway for those that seek a house to relax in, where one can enjoy nature and silence. It’s where one can find a home to stay – at least a while – in; or  where one who is escaping the hustle and bustle of city-life can find peace and quiet.

The home that awaits you in Terrugiana is ancient and strong. The structure is solid and takes two floors, it has a rustic stone out-building which in time was used as a chestnut-drying facility.

It is a home that lies dormant, waiting to be rediscovered and brought to life, by one that knows how to see its potential, a potential that comes from the poetry of the place, but also more materialistically, from the very reasonable selling price and generous square-meterage.

Once the home of the local inhabitants one wonders who it will accommodate in the future.

I imagine it the home of someone who seeks inspiration – artistic or musical inspiration – … maybe … or more simply the inspiration of who seeks a simple and tranquil life in touch with a still-unspoiled nature.



orientation :  S-SW

original use :  House / Dryer house

distance from the centre:

proximity to the castle : Calice al Cornoviglio 15 min

distance from the sea:  40 minutes by car

potential of restructuring : 2nd house –  Cottage



wood area: yes  

garden: yes

arable: yes

house: mq 70

depandance: mq 25

cellar: mq 20

cost € 39.000