What kind of house are you looking for? We can help you find it!

If you are looking for a dream vacation home between Liguria and Tuscany, either by-the-sea, or in the hills, we can help you find it.

All you have to do is tell us what kind of house you are looking for and we’ll look for the best solutions for you; we’ll supply you with complete descriptions, photos and all the technical data, to help you in your selection process.

All of the homes we look for – and deal in – are not your typical ordinary homes: they are homes to be lived with emotion and style.

We want this to be our mark of distinction.

Studio AR also provides a series of useful and focused consultations with professionals in their fields to guarantee you the maximum of professionalism:

  • We will give assistance in the buying/selling negotiations and help you negotiate the best price, and we will help you draft the legal documents;
  • Valuations of buildings prior to their acquisition — €250 (excluding travel charges) + VAT
  • Design consulting/ furnishing/ distributive, sketches, perspective sketches, make intuitive freehand skecthes — €380  (remote, WhatsApp, mail) + VAT
  • Development of executive projects  — € depending on projects and needs
  • Execution of specialized building works in non-inconvenient logistic conditions — € 1200 > 1500/mq + VAT
  • Execution of specialized building works in difficult logistical conditions — € 2000 > 2500/mq + VAT
  • Execution of special furnishing works — € depending on projects and needs
  • Coordination of construction works — € 10% + VAT on final tax bases
  • Coordination of furnishing works — € 10% + VAT on final taxes
  • Our firm, our company does not perform contract work
  • The averages indicated, which parameter, are derived from the analysis of the costs of the previous yards